The Technology that powers Memtrieve is patented by Memtrieve’s inventor, Marvin Elder.

Patented technology components include the following:

A unified Metadata repository called OntoloNet, comprised of a repository of database “model components” called nlqconceptmetadata, and a second repository consisting of “mirrored” conceptual objects organized as a hierarchy of “schema objects”, called Cognal Schema. This second repository is called semanticmetadata.

Nlqconceptmetadata is comprised of data models and their model components: modeiviews, entities, attributes, entity relationships of entity primary keys and matching entity foreign keys, and indexes. These model components are captured by Java’s databasemetadata implementation of an interface, databasemetadata.

After a new database’a model components are added to nlqconceptmetadata, a “mirrored” set of matching concepts are added to the semanticmetadata repository in OntoloNet.

MemtrieveDb’s database model and its CognalSchema elements are part of a metadata repository called “OntoloNet”, a database graph searchable by a database search engine, “SayQL”. CognalSchema, OntoloNet and SayQL are covered by a patent owned by Memtrieve’s author, Marvin Elder. The details of these patented elements are shown in a menu item above.

A vitally important (and patented) feature of SayQL is its “Natural Language Understanding” (NLU) module. Since Memtrieve’s data model is searchable by SayQL, Memtrieve can retrieve particular stored personal memories, whenever you ask for these particular memories in English (or later, in other Natural Languages). SayQL’s patent is named “Natural Language Query” (patent # 9652451) and as its name implies, consists of novel algorithms for transforming Natural Language information requests into executable “Structured Query Language (SQL)” commands, and then automatically generating these SQL queries against targeted relational databases and delivering the answer over the internet to the requesting user.