Memtrieve Overview

Memtrieve is a “Personal Memory Bank”: an app in which you can capture your personal memories (called “memletsTM“) by entering text, and if your browser provides speech recognition, by voice (which is then converted to text).

Personal memories are either “private” or “shared”. Private personal memories are divided into “layers of privacy”, with the deepest layers reserved for your most private memories. Shared memories, on the other hand, are segmented into “Memtrieve Groups” or “forums”. Each Memtrieve Group allows you to share your individual personal memories with other people designated by you as members of the Memtrieve Group. You may start or join multiple Memtrieve Groups. For example, one group may be just your family members or extended family members (uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc.). Another of your Memtrieve Groups may be limited to members of your high school class, or perhaps a close set of members of your college fraternity or sorority.

Once you have entered personal memory memlets, they are stored in Memtrieve’s private, encrypted relational database, “MemtrieveDb”. This database consists of tables and columns which correspond to entities and attributes mapped by entity concept in a hierarchical conceptual schema, “CognalSchema”: a subset of the public domain conceptual schema “Schema.org”.

Behind Memtrieve is a whole set of technology which together form a patented “conceptual search engine”, capable of searching databases by understanding concepts entered by users, instead of conventional search engines that bring up matches to “key words” entered by a user. Click on the menu item “Technology” above to see its details.